From Orleans to London: A Journey of Pursuing Opportunities and Embracing the Unknown

From the quaint town of Orleans to the vibrant city of London. With a leap of faith and heart full of passion for culture, language, and new experiences, Parvine embarks on a journey of self-discovery and career fulfilment in a place she once only dreamed of - London. Parvine inspirational story, showcasing the endless possibilities that await you in the world.

Parvine Story

1. Where did you grow up in France and what brought you to London in 2012?

I grew up in Orleans, which is an hour away from Paris, and studied in both Tours and Montpellier. After that, I moved to Paris for a 6-month internship before booking a one-way ticket to London. Although I had never been to the UK before deciding to live there, the country had always been on my mind due to its culture, language, and proximity to France. I had never had the chance to do a semester abroad with school or an Erasmus program, so as graduation approached, I saw this as my opportunity to move and start my career in London.​

2. Can you describe your relocating process (inspiration, research, services you used)?

I went in completely blind. I didn't know anyone here, had no job, or place to stay. Once I had booked my ticket to move in October 2012, I decided to spend a weekend in the summer exploring the city, so I ended up booking the same hostel for the week of my arrival. My thought process was that it would be easier to look for accommodation and a job from the city rather than from France. I used to find a flat share.​

3. What challenges did you experience when moving to London?

The adjustment to speaking another language everyday was challenging, as I was quite good at school, but real life English is a bit different, so I took some time to adapt. I struggled with feeling settled in the city. I moved to different flat shares every 12-18 months and even considered moving cities since I never found a area that felt like home until settling in Brockley.

4. What is something you wish you knew before relocating to London?

The Real life in London exists beyond zone 1! While landmarks and famous areas like Shoreditch might be the first things that come to mind when you think of the city, the local life can be found in areas beyond these popular destinations.

5. Which factors led you to choose south east London?

To be honest, I was searching for a new flat share without any specific area in mind. I stumbled upon an advertisement and remembered that I had visited the area before - a friend had bought a flat there - and I liked it enough to consider it.

For me, the key question is what has kept me in south east London, after being a serial mover. In Brockley, I finally found the village life within a big city that I was after. The sense of community here, local shops, and abundance of green spaces made me fall in love with the area. I moved here in June 2015 and have never looked back since. I can't imagine living anywhere else.


6. In what ways do you love the area in which you live in now?

I am a person who is quite sensitive to the energies of people and places, and I think Brockley has such a positive vibe. Everyone here is really nice. I am lucky to live in the conservation area, which has pretty streets full of trees, flowers, and stunning houses. I enjoy walking, so strolling around the area is really stimulating, and I cannot get enough of it! I love the village feel here.

A big part of my routine is stopping by my local coffee shop, Browns of Brockley, first thing in the morning to grab a coffee to take on my walk. This in itself makes me feel like I belong here. Over time, you build a relationship with the people. They recognise you, know your order, and grabbing that coffee and having a chat with the staff is the best start to my day. Another thing I love about Brockley is how green it is. With numerous parks and hills offering incredible views, it has made a positive impact on my life. The surrounding areas, such as Nunhead, Honor Oak Park, Peckham, and Dulwich, are also lovely places to visit.​

7. What are you most proud of? From a personal and work perspective?

On a personal level, buying and renovating my own place has been a significant achievement. It's something I have been dreaming of for a long time, and it feels wonderful to finally have a place to call my own.

In terms of work, I have made significant progress in my career over the past 10 years. I started from zero and had a rough first few years, but it has been truly epic to meet people who gave me a chance and believed in me. When I first started, I never would have thought that I would end up working for one of the best tech companies in the world.

8. What advice would you give people relocating from Paris?

Have a plan, but don't overplan. You can do as much research as you want, but it won't replace exploring the city and finding what works for you. Walking around and getting a feel for different neighborhoods is the best way to find a place you love, as it's a really personal preference. However, if I had a platform like Source the Area, it would have made my search process a lot smoother.​

9. How did the idea of joining the recruitment industry come about?

I studied Human Resources, and recruitment has always been the aspect of HR that attracted me the most. The process seemed so broken, and I wanted to be a part of making the recruiting experience a positive one. I really enjoy interacting with people, and being able to support them in making such an important life change is very rewarding. ​

10. Parvine top tips for joining the tech industry?

For any industry, my advice would be to show passion and a genuine interest in what you do. Many technical skills can be learned on the job, but your soft skills and drive will make a difference. I began my in-house recruitment career in retail before transitioning to tech. All it takes is for one person to see something in you!

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