“Chin Chin Prints: Celebrating London’s Landmarks and Cultural Diversity through Colourful, Eco-Friendly Designs”

From Peckhamplex to Liberty, digital illustrator Emily Chin-Sillah designs colour-popping, eco-friendly prints and cards of London landmarks through her small independent business Chin Chin Prints. Here, she tells us how she managed to thrive surrounded by a creative community that constantly celebrates cultural diversity and local talent.

The Colourful London of Chin Chin Prints

1. What made you commence your journey as an illustrator and graphic designer?

From a really young age, I have always loved drawing, painting and creating. So naturally, when it came to picking my subjects from A levels, foundation degree all the way to my Bachelor’s, they have all been in graphic design or fine art.

2. Being a south Londoner, how has that inspired you through your work and designs?

I was born and raised in SE London, and one thing that always rings true is how proud and patriotic we are. We are a melting pot of the world and lucky to have a lot of historic buildings on our doorstep. South London is really where history and tradition merge with new cultures, and it celebrates this at any opportunity. I draw local landmarks that hold sentiment for locals - old and new, so if they do leave South London, they can take a slice of south with them.

3. How would you describe the community you have been a part of?

Super supportive! South London is oozing with so many amazingly talented small businesses, and I genuinely think a large part to play in that is how supportive and encouraging our community is. Our community shows up and is active in shopping local, hosting local and staying local, making it possible for small businesses to survive.

4. What does being a part of this community mean to you?

It means a lot. I have watched SE London change and evolve over time and adore everything it has become and is becoming. I speak to friends and family who are not from south London and realise how lucky I am to have so much on my doorstep via my community.

5. Why is being sustainable an important part of your business?

I think being aware of your personal impact on the world is so important. Allowing people to have a slice of nostalgia to take with them wherever they go in the world, that has not only been created and crafted responsibly but printed using biomass printing methods on recycled paper means they are able to be part of the positive impact on the world too!

6. What has been your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement so far is definitely being able to make this my full-time job. I have had some really proud moments since launching in 2020, but I had always thought it would be just a ‘side hustle’. I'm thrilled now it’s my day job!

7. What advice would you give your younger self?

Be fearless and trust the process.

8. What are some of the exciting projects you have going on?

I am currently working on the prep for my first ever trade show this month, which is both really exciting and scary at the same time!

9. What other local businesses or people would you like to work with in south-east London?

Good question! I don’t have one particular business/person in mind but I would love to collab with a local business to create a limited-edition packaging.

10. What brings you the most joy as a business owner?

Being on my own time and pace and the freedom that comes with that!


Business Owner/Community Member: Emily Chin-Sillah


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